Capital Finance Group LLC, Financial Services in Oakland, CA

Capital Finance Group provides debt and venture capital financing solutions to companies at all stages of development. Our vast experience and focused approach give us a unique edge to both understand the specific issues associated with your company and to provide the financial solutions that will permit achievement of superior traction and growth. Capital Finance Group is committed to working with gifted and skilled entrepreneurs who are developing technologies and creating enterprises that will become the great companies of tomorrow.

Bob founded Capital Finance Group in 1990 and is responsible for analysis, due diligence, deal structure, and syndication. He previously held related positions at CIS Corporation, ITEL Corporation and Transamerica Computer Corporation. In addition to graduating from UC Berkeley, Bob completed graduate coursework in finance, business and economics. Bob is passionate about his work with promising companies that want to grow and succeed, and he takes great pride in the companies he has assisted.

6777 Moore Drive
Oakland, CA 94611
Phone: (510) 339-6038

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