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Grodin Financial Services, Financial Services in San Leandro, CA

Since 1986, Grodin Financial & Insurance Services has specialized in personal, estate, and small business financial planning. Our process is specifically designed to maximize your wealth and help achieve financial security for you, your family, or your small business. Whether you are an individual, family, or small business, you need the personal financial engineering process to help you achieve your ideal financial plan to:

  • Minimize financial risk as your wealth is created, managed, and distributed.
  • Reduce or minimize your income taxes.
  • Conserve and properly distribute your wealth.
  • Plan for college funding, special needs, long term care, or disability.
  • Assist with small business planning and insurance needs.
14515 Catalina Street
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: 510-357-3715
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Good Shepherd Fund, Financial Services in San Jose, CA

Good Shepherd Fund was founded as a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization in 1970, by Pastor Harold “Swede” Johnson. When asked why he was such an advocate for people living with disabilities, he often told the following story:

“I had an office with a big chair in it, and it was easy to sit in that chair and be pontifical. One day a couple came into that office to see me. I didn’t really know them. They’d had their first child not long before that visit. The doctor had told them that the child was mentally retarded, and that they should give him to a home and put the boy out of their minds, for there was nothing that modern medicine could do for him. The couple was distraught. They’d come to me searching for meaning, and answers. After hearing their story I did the most inexcusable thing; I leaned back in that big chair, and instead of being their friend and counselor, I said, ‘Well, you know, folks, this is simply God’s will.’

“I’ll never forget the look that man gave me as he stood. His was a countenance of rage and despair. He leaned in and said to me, ‘I curse your God.’ Before I could say anything, he stomped out of my office with his wife. I’ve been looking for him ever since. I wish I could find that couple, just so I could tell them how sorry I am for what I said…”

Swede spent the rest of his life dedicated to supporting people living with disabilities and their families. He was a prolific fundraiser and advocate, and raised millions of dollars for an array of charity organizations serving the disabled community. Pastor Johnson died in 2003, but his legacy lives on in Good Shepherd Fund.

Today Good Shepherd Fund serves hundreds of clients as trustee, administering Special Needs Trusts. The agency is the legal conservator/guardian of record for hundreds more across multiple States. Nearly 50% of all agency activity is facilitated “pro-bono,” thanks to the gifts and support we receive from so many who embody the Swede Johnson mission. And in the spirit of that mission, Good Shepherd Fund unashamedly seeks to be a friend and advocate first, a trustee and conservator second.

Swede never had the opportunity to apologize for his behavior, but through the lasting impact of that experience he literally saved many lives for decades. Here at Good Shepherd Fund, we continue onward in honor of the unnamed couple who started it all.

1641 N 1st St #155
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: 408.573.9606

Goodell, Porter, Sanchez & Bright, LLP, Financial Services in Sacramento, CA

Welcome and thank you for visiting our Website. Goodell, Porter, Sanchez & Bright, LLP is a full-service accounting firm meeting the accounting and tax needs of businesses and individuals in Sacramento and the surrounding metropolitan area. In addition to providing you with a profile of Goodell, Porter, Sanchez & Bright and the services we provide, this Website has been designed to become a helpful resource tool to you, our valued clients and visitors. Our dedication to superior client service has brought us to the Internet as we endeavor to continue to provide the highest quality professional service and guidance.

As you browse through our Website, you will see that not only have we highlighted background information on our firm and the services we provide, but have also included useful resources such as informative articles (in our News section) and interactive financial calculators (in our Financial Tools section). In addition, we have taken the time to gather many links to external Websites that we felt would be of interest to our clients and visitors (in our Internet Links section).

While browsing through our Website, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have – we’d love to hear from you. We pride ourselves on being proactive and responsive to our clients’ inquiries and suggestions.

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