Inspection Services and Fire Protection Inc., Santa Rosa, CA

After a 20 year career as a firefighter/engineer and paramedic with a Marin County fire department, Brent began work in the fire protection/suppression industry. These years in the fire department give Brent a unique perspective on the crucial nature of regular maintenance of fire protection systems.

He worked as an inspector for both small and large fire protection companies, and in the Year 2000, employed the better aspects of both when establishing his own business, Inspection Services. He earned his C-16 contractors license C16-788168

Today, Inspection Services and Fire Protection, Inc. continues to provide commercial industrial fire system inspections, installations, tenant improvements. And is enjoying growth and a stable client base over almost a decade of service in the north bay area.

ISFP and its employees take pride in their knowledge of fire suppression systems and their willingness to explain the workings of the systems, as well as state & local regulations with their client. We are aware of how accessibility in terms of mechanical explanations as well as prompt customer service are essential to maintaining positive business contacts. We excel in our ability to listen to customer concerns and offer practical effective solutions.

P.O. Box 11457 Santa Rosa, CA 95406
Phone: 707-523-0404

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