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Oak Grove Elementary School, Education in Porterville, CA

Welcome to Oak Grove Elementary School, where we strive to capture kids hearts! Our school is a great place to be for many reasons. We are a neighborhood school with an enrollment of over 580 students ranging in grades K-6. We aim for our school to be a close family experience for staff and children, alike. It is my privilege to be a part of such a powerful and committed school community. In my service as principal, I take much pride in a staff works diligently to maintain high educational standards for every child. Our curriculum is rigorous and challenging and will continue to be so with the ongoing implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Through these standards, we are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that each child is college and world by the time he/she completes high school. The process begins in elementary school. Our goal is to teach students to read and think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively both orally and in print, and to utilize technology in relevant ways. We strive to prepare children to be thoughtful, responsible citizens who will be ready to take their place in the world.

The 2016-17 schoolyear will continue an unprecedented commitment of technology resources to Oak Grove Elementary School students. Burton School District has invested in the futures of our Star students in the following ways: Every student in grades 3-6 will have access to 1:1 ipad devices in the classroom. Students in grades K-2 will have access to ipad devices at a 2:1 ratio. This technology commitment will provide the students of Burton School District invaluable access in new ways to the community and world in which they live.

We believe in giving our children the tools to succeed academically. They also experience their instruction in an environment that promotes academic risk-taking and nurtures a love of learning. In order to be successful, students need support from both home and school. We are committed to working collaboratively with our parents to provide results oriented instruction that focuses on the growth and achievement of each student. We count on our parents to partner with us as we continue our mission to provide a world class education to each child. We encourage our parents to take an active role in the academic growth of the students by reading to your children, conducting rich and meaningful conversations in the car, at the dinner table… We also expect that our parents will encourage children to persevere in the face of challenges and never give up.

We want Oak Grove to be a place where the voices of the parents and community are heard. If you have ideas, thoughts, or concerns you would like to share, we would love to hear them.

1873 W. Mulberry
Porterville, CA 93257
Phone: 559-784-0310
Fax: 559-788-6411
Website: https://www.burtonschools.org

Murwood Elementary PTA, Education in Walnut Creek, CA

About PTA

PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) is a national organization which:

  • Is the oldest child advocacy organization in the U.S.
  • Has been going strong for over 100 years
  • Monitors legislation which affects our children
  • Provides grants for continuing education for teachers

What does PTA support at Murwood?

  • Classroom Supplies
  • Computers & Other Technology Equipment
  • Science Fair
  • Soul Shoppe/Character Education
  • PE Equipment & Library Books
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • And Much More!

PTA Values

  • Collaboration: We work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to accomplish our agreed-upon goals.
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to promoting children’s health, well-being, and educational success through strong parent, family, and community involvement.
  • Accountability: We acknowledge our obligations. We deliver on our promises.
  • Respect: We value our colleagues and ourselves. We expect the same high quality of effort and thought from ourselves as we do from others.
  • Inclusivity: We invite the stranger and welcome the newcomer. We value and seek input from as wide a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences as possible.
  • Integrity: We act consistently with our beliefs. When we err, we acknowledge the mistake and seek to make amends.

PTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit association that prides itself on being a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for public education. Membership in PTA is open to anyone who wants to be involved and make a difference for the education, health, and welfare of children and youth.

2050 Vanderslice Ave
Walnut Creek, California 94596
Phone: (925) 943-2462
Website: https://murwoodpta.org

Notre Dame Elementary, Education in Belmont, CA

Notre Dame Elementary School, an independent Catholic School founded in 1851, is committed to developing and educating our students in the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. We embrace the teaching of our foundress, St. Julie Billiart, and her philosophy of, “Teach the children what they need to know for life.” From these teaching, we have created The Hallmarks of a Notre Dame de Namur Learning Community.

​NDE is a diverse, caring, and compassionate community dedicated to service. We strive to provide a quality education through Gospel values rooted in Catholic tradition, along with mastering skills needed to succeed as life-long learners.

At Notre Dame Elementary School, we provide an environment that fosters the opportunity for our students to discover a love of learning, embrace their spiritual life, and form a dedication to community service.

1200 Notre Dame Ave
Belmont, CA 94002
​(TEL) (650) 591-2209
​(FAX) (650) 591-4798
email: Admissions@nde.org
Website: http://www.nde.org/


The purpose of the Facilities, Maintenance and Operations Department is to provide safe and clean facilities in good repair that is conducive to the success of the District’s educational programs. The following services are provided:

– Respond to emergency situations
– Schedule and manage regulatory agencies required tests and inspections
– Build, repair and maintain District facilities
– Perform preventative maintenance on District equipment
– Assess and plan future facility needs as outlines in the District Facility Master Plan

1 Civic Center Circle,
Level 2, Brea, CA 92821
Phone: (714) 990-7800
Fax: (714) 529-2137
Email: jferrato@bousd.us
Website: http://www.bousd.k12.ca.us/


Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, Education in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles. It is a great pleasure to introduce you to our world-renowned institution, one of the best private, international schools and the most well-respected college prep school in Los Angeles.

Since our founding in 1964, our mission is to develop the minds and character of our students. Children start at three years of age and we are truly blessed to watch them grow intellectually into fine young men and women on their way to college after their senior year. We are one of the only schools in Southern California to offer a full program from preschool to the 12th grade.

Our international student body and teaching staff, along with our superlative and challenging curriculum, make Le Lycée a very special place. I know first hand as I am a graduate from the class of 1979.

At Le Lycée, we encourage and nurture the personal growth of our students and create in them a sense of responsibility and the skills necessary to make a difference. Our students enjoy a wide range of classes. They are immersed in a program that opens doors and allows for opportunities all over the world. The school has grown by leaps and bounds in the last ten years and has fine-tuned its excellence.

At this point in time, we are the proudest we have ever been of our new curriculum, which allows children from all over the world to benefit from the classic European education as well as important current issues. Our emphasis on the arts, sciences, and languages is unsurpassed. We can definitely state that the International School Program is every bit as challenging as the French Program, and culminate with either the Classic Baccalaureate, the Franco-American Baccalaureate, and/or the Capstone.

Our state-of-the-art new high school campus, The Raymond and Esther Kabbaz High School in West Los Angeles, named for our founders, opened in the Fall of 2009. This incredible space includes multiple new openings for good students from prominent middle schools in our area. Our school is perfect for your children and this is definitely the most exciting moment in the life of this extraordinary institution. I invite you to look into our core curriculum. Prepare to be amazed as Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles has grown tremendously.

3261 Overland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone: 310-836-3464
Email: Admissions@LyceeLA.org
Website: https://www.lyceela.org