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Chez TJ, Restaurants in Mountain View, CA

Chez TJ is a contemporary french cuisine restaurant that is uniquely located in one of the most historic Victorian homes in Mountain View, CA. Originally built circa 1894, the structure was home to Julius and Fanny Weilheimer. Julius was a Vice President of the Mountain View Farmers and Merchant’s Bank and a town Council member. In early 1980s, George Aviet and Thomas J. McCombie acquired the property and served their first dinner on November 26th, 1982.

Thomas and George met at Thomas’ prior restaurant, Pear William, in Menlo Park, CA. Both dreamt of building a restaurant together and so, along with their wives, they were determined to turn their dreams into something real. Together with their vision and the resources they managed to accumulate, they built their restaurant and the public came! The press reviews were glowing and Gourmet said it was “worth a detour from San Francisco.”

Unfortunately, in mid-1994, Thomas passed away. In honor of Thomas’ memory and their longtime friendship, George continued to run the restaurant on the same path as they had envisioned. George Aviet, his wife, and longtime employees ran Chez TJ as they always had.

938 Villa Street,
Mountain View, CA 94041
(p) 650.964.7466
(f) 650.964.9647
Website: http://cheztj.com